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Hi Karl,
I have been following your EW analysis of eur.usd. Excellent analysis. It's very similar to mine. The last post is very good and looks "right." Regards, Vyassadev, April 05,2016


hey Karl
I notice your predictions in last few weeks haven't been as expected, it's a complex and unusual market out there . what are your thoughts for Feb , keep up the good work. hi Howard 


I have visiter Your website about elliott wave analyse about indexes (Sp500, dax...)
It s quite fascinating ... Regards Antoine


Hey Karl - saw your chart update for the SP500 this evening (Saturday). That
absolutely makes sense. kevin

This is getting interesting Karl. Markets make news, not the other way
around. But I like the way you say it better (Elliott waves, not the news).
:) regards, kevin


Just wanted to say again 'nice work' Karl. The SPX followed through Monday
like textbook, and the price action seemed highly characteristic of a third
wave, albeit a minor one. Kevin, 


First of all, you're very welcome. It's very altruistic of you to share your work freely on the internet. And,
I've said, it's VERY GOOD work!
Secondly, thank you for sharing your experiences and history in technical analysis. Reading or hearing
accounts such as yours mean so much! I am far and away from having the depth of experience which you do, 
so it is very exciting to learn of. Your story reflects the passion you must have for the markets, which many 
of us share. Kevin, 


As I indicated several times before - the best "wavy gravy" on the net - bar none! Enjoy. Sept.2,2004, clearstation.com


Hey War - Speaking of "poils" - keep an eye on that ML-2:


The best wavy-gravy on the net, nonetheless. Enjoy!


Hey John - These guys cook up the best wavy gravy on the net - BAR NONE - so I'm salivating as I wait for dinner to be served! The appetizer last week was delicious. Enjoy! Clearstation,Aug.9,2004


"hi ernie - These guys make the best wavy-gravy calls, period."


"Hi John - The Elliott chart I cited yesterday @ 12:43 PM turned out to be the most prescient one of all - projected 1128; SPX high of day was 1127.65.  Not too shabby! If you could post charts like this, that would be great!" 







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